Fake Steel Series Headphones

Buyers Beware of Fake Siberia v2 Headsets

Retail Boxed Edition

Retail Boxed Edition

This is an epidemic! and I really do mean it. There are so many fake editions of headphones and headsets out in the marketplace today. The biggest fakes to date are the Monster Beats By Dr. Dre for sure. There are countless of them everywhere. Ebay is notorious for many sellers pawning off what they say is real or legit and is 100% fake.

One of the main import sites is Alibaba and Aliexpress. There are so many fake brands peddled from these sites to knowing and unknowing buyers.  Being sold in bulk with just the headsets and no retail packaging, and some with full retail box and all the manuals and contents.  I always say if the price is too good to be true then it probably is. But you even have sellers offering these at FULL RETAIL so the customer still thinks they are getting the real edition.  You can check these websites out and see all the headsets and headphones from Steelseries being offered. Most cases they will not use the official product name but you can see they are made to look exactly like the real Siberia v2, Monster beats, and all the other popular lines.

How to Tell

There are several sites that point out the differences and what to look for in the counterfeit headsets. When you google the Siberia V2 Steel Series you get a bunch of the import websites coming up – Aliexpress, Wholesale China, Alibaba. These are all counterfeits. Steel Series along with some of the other major headphone vendors do not allow their products to be wholesaled from these sites.

Asia Sellers

If you are bidding on a set and the seller is in China, Hong Kong, Mylasia, or another Country where they import chance are they are all bad product!

Here are some sites that compare the real product to the fake product.

Monster Beats

Fake News Forum

Some Youtube Videos on Fake Headphones


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